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It's Flu Season! Everybody Panic!

Posted By: Gerry Forbes · 12/12/2012 7:29:00 PM

Tis the season to be jolly!  Unfortunately its also the season to get sick, the flu is creeping across the west and especially here in Calgary with over 250 cases already reported.

I came across a website called ivillage and they offered up some great tips on how to avoid getting sick over the holidays I thought would be important to pass along.

We all know avoid someone sneezing and cough into your sleeve instead of your hands and get a flu shot at the start of the season but there are a bunch of ways you can live happier over the next three weeks during the party season.

Believe it or not you should keep your feet warm, cold feet cause to blood vessels in your sinuses to tighten up which makes it harder for the blood cells to get to your mucus membranes, that’s where the viruses sneak in.  Wow! Who knew?

After you wash your hands don’t dry them with a towel, this isn’t the real eco-friendly thing to do but you are less likely to get the flu from someone in your home if they are sick, paper towels are your best bet especially if you are at a party.

This one was quite a surprise to me, cut your fingernails, researchers tested the nails of doctors and nurses and found out that more bacteria grows under your nails the longer they are.

If they grow more than three millimeters past the tips of your fingers they can carry the virus that will make you sick.

Doctors tried both and found that those who cut their nails didn’t get as sick as those who let them grow so clip those nails people.

Take a few long breaths each day, I have heard this before about general health and its regularly done in Yoga so I think there night be something to it, breathe for three seconds from your diaphragm so your stomach pushes out, then exhale for three seconds for three times in a row, you are supposed to do this three times a day for better health.

And this could be the toughest one of all for most of my friends, don’t get drunk! One or two drinks wot hurt but if you have too many it messes with your white blood cells ability to fight off infection, and can mess up your immune system for a 24-hour period.

Having too many drinks before your try to sleep will also make you susceptible to more sickness when your immune system breaks down.

And finally take an immune booster like Airborne, a product developed by a schoolteacher in the United States this is a dietary supplement that really works.

It comes in several flavors and dissolves in water, it contains about every vitamin minerals and nutrients recommended to enhance your immune system and keep you healthy.

I have been using this stuff for three years and have only been sick once so I swear by it.

Air travel can also be a problem when so many people are in a confined space for so many hours, try and avoid the washroom.

Good luck to all, there is nothing worse than two weeks off and spending one of them in bed fighting the flu.

 - Ger 


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