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The Gerry Forbes Show

Audio clips from The Gerry Forbes Show with Reddawg and Stephen 'The Grunt' Murray. Enjoy!

Latest episode:

An American $1 Coin??

48 episodes

Calling America

Nothing better than calling our friends to the South and finding some scholars to hit with some trivia.

Latest episode:

A Duck Dynasty Cruise!?!

7 episodes

Gerry Forbes Phone Jacker

Let's see what we can get these poor, unsuspecting people to repeat back to us.

Latest episode:

Lesbian Love

88 episodes

Gerry Forbes Show Flash Forward

Check out what's comin' up on the next show.

Latest episode:

May 31st Flash Forward

6 episodes

Dear Crabby

Since we lost Dear Abby, we thought we'd get the much lesser known and not nearly as nice Dear Crabby to solve your problems.

Latest episode:

What Does 55 + 18 Equal?

15 episodes

Chef Chelsea

From the Culinary Institute of America, she's quickly become our favourite chef with recipes that will leave you breathless!

Latest episode:

Trick or Treat!

114 episodes


The weirdest stories from around the world that really do make ya say WHAT THE F*$^?!?

Latest episode:

Is It Wrong That I Think This Miiiiight Be A Good Idea?

70 episodes

Ask A...

Tune in here for Forbes and Friend's "Ask A.." segments where we bring in experts from strippers to bikers and everything in-between and let you guys as them WHATEVER YOU WANT!

Latest episode:

Police Chief Rick Hanson

16 episodes

Gerry Forbes Hometown Heroes

We've got a lot of amazing people here in Calgary that maybe don't get the recognition they deserve. Well, every Tuesday, with the help of Opa! and the Dodge Squad, we're gonna make sure that these people get at least a bit of the praise they should.

Latest episode:

Linda Oviatt

26 episodes

Forbes' Favourites

Can't find that hilarious song on youtube? The search is over, we got 'em all here!

Latest episode:

The Official Stampeder Grey Cup Anthem!

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