Dave Evans

In terms of rock could-have-beens, Dave Evans is one of the best, as in Pete Best. In this case, the inevitably huge rock group that the fellow in question quit or was fired from too early to taste the big time was Australia's AC/DC. "Internal conflicts" is the euphemistic description of the reason front-line vocalist Evans departed the group in 1974, only one year following the original formation of AC/DC. In plain talk, the singer seems to have violated Keith Richards' number one rule for achieving success: he failed to show up. His job went to the group's chauffeur, Bon Scott. This is one of several examples of a driver landing an important position in a rock band. The chauffeur for Ringo Starr apparently became the bassist for the Mothers of Invention, following a threat by leader Frank Zappa to hire the next person who walked in the door.

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