Sergio Vega

Former Quicksand bassist Sergio Vega released his first solo EP, entitled The Ray Martin Sessions, through then New York indie grapeOS, a label that has since relocated to California. Leaving behind the aggressive metal and post-hardcore of his accomplished past, Vega's solo work is reminiscent of singer/songwriters such as Elliott Smith. Though its release was mentioned on /}, the EP (which also features contributions from ex-Helmet guitarist Chris Traynor) was not exactly well-received nor widely distributed. But The Ray Martin Sessions (so named for the New York City producer who worked on the songs with Vega and who also collaborated on projects with Into Another and grapeOS alumni New Rising Sons) did well enough for Vega to tour the U.S. and U.K. He was backed on those tours by future New End Original members Scott Winegard and Charlie Walker, as well as former Orange 9mm/Helmet guitarist Chris Traynor, who also appears on the EP. With Quicksand, Vega recorded an EP for Revelation and two major-label full-length albums before the group disbanded. Shortly afterwards, he sat in with the Deftones on a tour. Once back home in New York with his wife and daughter, he started working on his own songs. It was Burn/Orange 9mm vocalist Chaka Malik who encouraged Vega to release those songs as The Ray Martin Sessions EP. The EP also featured contributions from Charlie Garriga (Civ, Outface) and Jimmy Williams (Maximum Penalty).
Ryan J. Downey, Rovi

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