Ty Tabor

King's X guitarist Ty Tabor was born on September 17, 1961, in Jackson, MS. As a youngster, he began playing guitar and formed a bluegrass band with his brother on banjo and his father on washtub bass; they played festivals around Mississippi and opened for country legends Louis Marshall "Grandpa" Jones and Minnie Pearl. But as a teenager, Tabor discovered the wonders of hard rock. Influenced by KISS, Rush, the Beatles, Queen, and Aerosmith, Tabor would spend hours on end practicing and playing along to the latest hits by these legendary acts. This led to a decision to make music his life, as he soon began forming rock bands around the South in the late '70s/early '80s (one being the Christian rock outfit Matthew). Around this time, Tabor became enthralled with the guitar playing of Phil Keaggy and formed a group with ex-members of Keaggy's band: bassist/vocalist Doug Pinnick and drummer Jerry Gaskill.

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