October 26, 1999
Pop/Rock, Grunge, Alternative Pop/Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative Metal, Alternative/Indie Rock

Album Review

Three studio albums, two EPs, one live album, and a few European B-sides seemingly is a scant body of work to provide the basis for a box set, but that proves not to be the case with Music Bank, a three-disc retrospective of Alice in Chains' decade-long career. In many ways, the very release of Music Bank and its single-disc distillation, Nothing Safe, is a roundabout admission that AIC is no longer an active proposition for any of its members. But even if the group makes a comeback sometime in the next century, the two compilations are good snapshots of an era when Alice in Chains was one of the best bands in metal. By its very nature, Music Bank is for the hardcore fan, since it spans three discs, but this is one box that gets it right. It does feature all the hits, but they're surrounded by so many rarities -- including an abundance of demos, 12 previously unreleased cuts, live tracks, and alternate mixes and takes -- that it never seems like a hits compilation. More impressively, Music Bank has a real narrative drive; it's easy to hear the band evolve, even if the set begins with the newly recorded "Get Born Again." True, the box set really isn't for casual fans -- they should stick with Nothing Safe or the band's masterpiece, Dirt -- but the dedicated will not be disappointed with this fine set, since it does deliver more rarities than expected.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Get Born Again
  2. I Can't Have You Blues [#][Demo Version]
  3. Whatcha Gonna Do [#][Demo Version]
  4. Social Parasite [#][Demo Version]
  5. Queen of the Rodeo [Live][#]
  6. Bleed the Freak [#][Demo Version]
  7. Killing Yourself [#][Demo Version]
  8. We Die Young
  9. Man in the Box
  10. Sea of Sorrow [#][Demo Version]
  11. I Can't Remember
  12. Love, Hate, Love
  13. It Ain't Like That
  14. Confusion
  15. Rooster [#][Demo Version]
  16. Right Turn
  17. Got Me Wrong
  18. Rain When I Die
  19. Fear the Voices [#]
  20. Them Bones
  21. Dam That River
  22. Sickman
  23. Rooster
  24. Junkhead [#][Demo Version]
  25. Dirt
  26. God Smack
  27. Iron Gland
  28. Angry Chair
  29. Lying Season [#]
  30. Would?
  31. Brother
  32. Am I Inside
  33. I Stay Away
  34. No Excuses
  35. Down in a Hole
  36. Hate to Feel
  37. What the Hell Have I [Remix][#][Mix]
  38. A Little Bitter [Remix][#][Mix]
  39. Grind
  40. Again [Tattoo of Pain Mix]
  41. Head Creeps
  42. God Am
  43. Frogs
  44. Heaven Beside You
  45. Nutshell [Unplugged Version]
  46. The Killer Is Me [Unplugged Version]
  47. Over Now [Unplugged Version]
  48. Died [#]
  49. Get Born Again [Multimedia Track]
  50. Jar of Flies [CD Extra Multimedia][Multimedia Track]
  51. The Journey [Multimedia Track]
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