Fat Wreck Chords
Pop/Rock, Punk, Punk Revival, Punk/New Wave, Skatepunk, Punk-Pop, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock

Album Review

What's this? No overproduction? No vocal harmonies? So this is what happens when NOFX only spend $60 in the recording studio. But to be fair, "The P.M.R.C. Can Suck on This" showcases an era of this band after their days on Mystic Records, but before they discovered Bad Religion's "Suffer." So the songs a not quite as tight and surprisingly has more of an early SoCal influence with a touch of obnoxious thrash comparable to D.R.I. lite. One thing for sure is that NOFX sure love their meat and flaming guitar solos; just goes to show that some things just never change.
Mike DaRonco, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Dueling Retards
  2. On the Rag
  3. A200 Club
  4. Shut Up Already
  5. The Punk Song
  6. Johnny B. Goode