September 22, 1998
Magna Carta

Album Review

Shadow Gallery's third album is a concept album about a defense worker's search for meaning after becoming disenchanted with his job. The music is somewhat softer than it was on Carved in Stone, but has much the same sound and the same intricate production. Guest vocalists James LaBrie of Dream Theater and DC Cooper of Royal Hunt add their talents to this album. As with other Shadow Gallery albums, this album features a good mix of fast and slow and long and short songs. Everything on the album is well written, performed and produced. The featured tracks of the album would seem to be the two longest, "I Believe" and "New World Order" which feature LaBrie and Cooper, respectively. However, Tyranny is an album that flows so well that it's difficult to think of songs individually.
David White, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Act I: Stiletto in the Sand
  2. Act I: War for Sale
  3. Act I: Out of Nowhere
  4. Act I: Mystery
  5. Act I: Hope for Us?
  6. Act I: Victims
  7. Act I: Broken
  8. Act II: I Believe
  9. Act II: Roads of Thunder
  10. Act II: Spoken Words
  11. Act II: New World Order
  12. Act II: Chased
  13. Act II: Ghost of a Chance
  14. Act II: Christmas Day
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