September 27, 2010
El Toro Records
Pop/Rock, Rock & Roll, Early Pop/Rock, Rockabilly

Album Review

El Toro Records is dedicated to putting out every last thing that Buddy Holly ever sang, said, played on, or produced during his brief musical career. Luckily there’s a lot of stuff, including demos and outtakes, radio and television appearances and interviews, and countless random session stops, starts, and rehearsals, so one needn’t ever wonder what Holly was up to as a professional musician, and thanks to El Toro, it’s all preserved in depth. This three-CD set collects rare and obscure recordings that featured Holly as a session player, singer, or producer with the likes of Waylon Jennings and Roy Orbison and others, audio from various radio and television appearances and interviews, as well as several cuts from various other Texas musicians that Holly crossed paths with on the tour circuit, “Buddy’s buddies,” if you will. It’s minutiae for serious Holly fans, which makes this box a must have if that’s you.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. A Whole Lot of Lovin'
  2. It's a Wonderful Feeling
  3. Starlight
  4. Believe Me
  5. By the Mission Wall
  6. Man from Texas
  7. Broken Promises
  8. Humble Heart
  9. Sugartime
  10. One Faded Rose
  11. Moondreams
  12. Real Wild Child
  13. Oh You Beautiful Doll
  14. If I Had Known
  15. Within My Heart
  16. I Sent You Roses
  17. What A' You Gonna Do?
  18. When Sin Stops
  19. Jole Blon
  20. Stay Close to Me
  21. Don't Cha Know
  22. Real Wild Child [Take 1] [Take]
  23. Oh You Beautiful Doll [Take 1] [Take]
  24. Oh You Beautiful Doll [Undubbed Master Take] [Take]
  25. When Sin Stops [Backing Track, Take 1] [Instrumental][Take]
  26. When Sin Stops [Backing Track, Take 2] [Instrumental][Take]
  27. When Sin Stops [Backing Track, Take 3] [Instrumental][Take]
  28. When Sin Stops [Take 4] [Take]
  29. When Sin Stops [Take 5] [Take]
  30. When Sin Stops [Take 6] [Take]
  31. More and More [Demo Fragment] [Demo Version]
  32. When You Are Lonely [Demo Fragment] [Demo Version]
  33. Hound Dog [Demo Version]
  34. That Ain't Right [Demo Version]
  35. Love's Made a Fool of You
  36. Someone, Someone
  37. Leave Those Cats Alone
  38. Baby My Heart
  39. All My Love [Demo Version]
  40. Whatcha Gonna Go?
  41. When Sin Stops
  42. Little Ditty Baby
  43. Lookie, Lookie, Lookie
  44. When You Ask About Love
  45. Deborah
  46. That'll Be Alright
  47. My Babe
  48. School Is Out
  49. Midnight Monsters' Hop
  50. Fireball
  51. Ting-a-Ling
  52. Because I Love You
  53. Talk About My Baby
  54. More Than I Can Say
  55. My Suzanne
  56. Swingin' Daddy
  57. All a' Your Love
  58. Right Now!
  59. I Don't Know
  60. Patty Baby
  61. Don't Do Me This Way
  62. Jitterbuggin'
  63. You've Got Love
  64. An Empty Cup (And a Broken Date) [Demo Version]
  65. A Cat Called Domino [Demo Version]
  66. I Fought the Law
  67. It's All Over
  68. Rave On!
  69. Oh Boy! [The Ed Sullivan Show, NYC 26/1/58]
  70. Everyday [Fragment from Big Gold Record Stars Show, Miami 24/2/1958]
  71. That'll Be the Day [Fragment from Big Gold Record Stars Show, Miami 24/
  72. Drown in My Own Tears [Fragment of Jam-Session Duet]
  73. Hallelujah! I Love Her So [Jam Session, Miami 24/2/1958]
  74. Peggy Sue [Sunday Night at the London Palladium, London 2/3/1958] [Live
  75. That'll Be the Day [Sunday Night at the London Palladium, London 2/3/19
  76. Oh Boy! [Sunday Night at the London Palladium, London 2/3/1958] [Live]
  77. Maybe Baby [Fragment from Off the Record, London 25/3/1958]
  78. Interview with Pat Barton [Newcastle, Australia 31/1/58]
  79. Promo Spot for Radio WTRL
  80. Interview with Bob Chesney [Miami 24/2/58]
  81. Promotional Jingle to the Tune of "Everyday" for Radio KLLL
  82. Promotional Jingle to the Tune of "Peggy Sue" for Radio KLLL
  83. Interview with Allan Freed [New York City, 23/9/58]
  84. Promotional Spot for Radio WACK
  85. Interview with Ronnie King [Norfolk, Virginia, 16/10/58]
  86. Promotional Spot for Radio KSYD
  87. Interview with Dick Clark [Philadelphia, 28/10/58]
  88. Promo Spot for Winter Dance Party Tour
  89. Plane Crash Newscast
  90. Plane Crash Newscast [Continued]
  91. Plane Crash Newscast [Continued]