November 20, 2007
Fat Wreck Chords
Pop/Rock, Punk-Pop, Punk Revival, Alternative/Indie Rock

Album Review

A sequel to their first live album, I Heard They Suck Live, They've Actually Gotten Worse Live represents a kind of victory lap for long-running slob-punks NOFX. They've been together for a seeming eternity in a genre that doesn't always treasure longevity, evolving into both elder statesman of and political conscience to a scene full of kids. The joke of the title, of course, is that the band sounds as tight and energized as veteran players should sound. The lowbrow anthem "Amy Is a Crack Whore" and reggae rave-up "Beat the Meek" sound perfectly at home next to political screeds "Murder the Government" and "Yer Wrong." Really, it all just sounds like NOFX., Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Intro/Glass War
  2. You're Wrong
  3. Franco Un-American
  4. Scavenger Type
  5. What's the Matter with Parents Today?
  6. The Longest Line
  7. New Happy Birthday Song?
  8. Eat the Meek
  9. Murder the Government
  10. Monosyllabic Girl
  11. I'm Telling Tim
  12. See Her Pee
  13. Can't Get the Stink Out
  14. Instant Crassic
  15. I Wanna Be an Alcoholic
  16. Fuck the Kids
  17. Juice Head
  18. What Now My Love
  19. Lori Meyers
  20. We March to the Beat of Indifferent Drum
  21. I, Melvin
  22. Green Corn
  23. Whoops I Od'd
  24. Stickin in My Eye
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